Kannappa Forgings is a chief player and well established in closed-die and open-die forgings. Our capabilities enable us to forge anything in the range of 0.20 kg to 7 kg for closed-die forgings and up to 30 kg for open-die forgings. We could boast of having all the essential equipments, machinery and the right technology to go with it.
We employ hammers with capacities ranging from 1T to 1.5T. The hammers we use are friction drop, belt-type hammers. We use the above hammers on complex profile jobs and a considerably low volume. We also possess a competitive range of forging presses operating in the range of 150T to 200T.
The Engineering team at Kannappa Forgings, after careful study on each job, plans the type of machinery requirements and the process flow that best fits the job. The production feasibility, economic viability and other such major factors are precisely analysed in carrying out the above procedure.
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