Kannappa Forgings has grown along with the industry in gaining technical expertise with the use of advanced CAD software's. Though we have a long history dating prior to the advent of CAD, we have all along equipped ourselves to be in tune with the market requirements in the areas of drafting, designing and simulation.
All our component drawings, die layouts and process drawings are digitized.
We have a centralized engineering department which issues all controlled drawing to various users across plants.
We use AutoCAD 2000 for making our component layouts, die layouts and process drawings. All these documents are digitally stored.
We use modeling software Pro/Engineer Wildfire, Unigraphics and master cam. These software are used for component modeling.
We have a battery of Unigraphics stations which are used for die design. The component modeling is also done with the same software. The tooling is designed and NC code is generated in Unigraphics. The NC code is then verified for collisions using vericut. The codes are transferred to the high speed vertical machining centres for direct machining of die impressions.
This has resulted in surprisingly low lead times for development of new products as well as surprisingly high die throughput.